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When the album that is life finally reaches its end, 

why not keep that record spinning for eternity?

Press your ashes or those of a loved one into a vinyl recording to be cherished for generations.

Record a personal message, your last will and testament, your own soundtrack or just the sound of silence to hear your pops and crackles for the minimal approach.

Live on from beyond the groove


—  Name, Title

The perfect resting place for music lovers

Watch the short film to see how pressing ashes into a bespoke vinyl record provides family and friends with a unique audio visual memento. 

Still alive?
Still alive?

Don't leave it to those you leave behind to curate your audio visual legacy when you can do it yourself.
Your bespoke record can be mastered, cut, pressed, printed and paid for, for you to enjoy while you are still around.

Still alive? Produce your own record now!



The records arrived today. I just really want to
thank you again for this. 
S was a friend of mine, these records mean
the world to us as this
was her dying wish.

From the very beginning
of this journey your professionalism has been something we will forever be grateful for.
Thank you."