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When the album that is life finally reaches its end, 

why not keep that record spinning for eternity?

Press your ashes or those of a loved one into a vinyl recording to be cherished for generations.

Record a personal message, your last will and testament, your own soundtrack or just the sound of silence to hear your pops and crackles for the minimal approach.

Live on from beyond the groove


—  Name, Title

The perfect resting place for music lovers

Watch the short film to see how pressing ashes into a bespoke vinyl record provides family and friends with a unique audio visual memento. 

Still alive?
Still alive?

Don't leave it to those you leave behind to curate your audio visual legacy when you can do it yourself.
Your bespoke record can be mastered, cut, pressed, printed and paid for, for you to enjoy while you are still around.

Still alive? Produce your own record now!



The records arrived today. I just really want to
thank you again for this. 
S was a friend of mine, these records mean
the world to us as this
was her dying wish.

From the very beginning
of this journey your professionalism has been something we will forever be grateful for.
Thank you." 



Short documentary about UK band IDLES limited edition release.



Your And Vinyly record is bespoke so the price (which tends to range between £1000 and £3000 GBP*) is dependent on your specification and quantity. 


*equivalent local exchange rate at time of order.



• The vast majority of the cost involved in making a vinyl record is in the preparation and fabrication of the components therefore there is little difference in cost between 1 and 10 records.

• Money can be saved by:

   - Having only 1 side of playable audio instead of 2

   - Choosing plain black, white or clear plastic sleeves and/or white labels instead of printed.

Please get in touch by phone or email (see Contact) to discuss your ideas or complete the form below to receive a bespoke estimate. 




Bespoke estimate


Bespoke quote


Are these real vinyl records?

Yes. And Vinyly records are real vinyl records made using real, traditional vinyl production techniques with additional specialist in-line processes (not engraved PVC blanks). Your audio is mastered and cut to A side and B side lacquers from which the metal pressing plates are ‘grown'. These pressing plates are used to press the hot vinyl into a record with the audio spiral groove impressed at this stage.


Do you supply internationally?


How much does it cost?
And Vinyly records are bespoke and as a result costs vary depending on your specification. Please see costs page for more details.

Can I plan for myself while I am still alive?
Yes, you can see the entire process through to the point where you actually receive a finished playable record. All the necessary components (labels, sleeves and pressing plates) required to make your final copies when the time comes (ie with your ashes in them) will have been paid for.

​How long does the process take?
Once we have received all your materials (artwork, audio and ashes) a guide lead time is 3 - 5 weeks until delivery. 

We often turn it around faster than this. Your accurate lead time will be provided on payment of the deposit which triggers production.

Are the records playable?

Can I have just one copy?



Do you cremate?

How much ash do you use?
Approximately 1 teaspoon per record. 

Have you ever created records to include the ashes of pets?

Can I work through my local funeral director?
Yes. Please put us in touch with your chosen funeral director so we can liaise and make the necessary arrangements.
How many tracks can I put on each side?
It is not the number of tracks or audio files but the amount of time that can be cut in each side that you need to be aware of. For a 12 inch record we advise a max audio time per side of 18-22 minutes. 
You can cut as many songs/tracks/audio files as you can fit within that time. 

Which audio file formats do you accept?

We can deal with most audio files but favour .aiff, .wav or .mp3.
If you have some audio on different formats ie old VHS film, phone message etc please feel free to ask us for advice.

Can I have properly printed labels/sleeves like on a regular record?

Can I design my own artwork? 
Yes. We can either provide templates for the labels and sleeves for you to generate your own print ready artwork or if you have images you would like to use but no means to create the artwork yourself we can help you. Our standard design service would be for you to provide imagery and or text and for us to create the artwork with your guidance but our involvement with the design can be as extensive as you require. Just say what you have in mind and we will work it out together and agree the cost in advance. 

Can I have 12 inch or 7 inch vinyl?
Yes you can choose either. The cost is the same. 

Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes. Our estimates and invoices include all necessary bank and PayPal details.


Good buys

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